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Dermal Fillers for Men

Dermal Fillers
for Men

Skin clinics are attracting more male clients than ever before. In fact every fifth client is a man. We cater for different skin needs for the growing number of male customers visiting Cameo Clinic. Appearance can play a huge role in both work and social life, not only for women but men as well. Procedures we offer can give any man the boost of self-confidence and facial rejuvenation without compromising their masculinity. So whether you are looking to stay competitive in the job market or simply for improved self-confidence Cameo Clinic will help you achieve that goal with no downtime or much follow up. You will look like yourself, only better.

Cameo Clinic Dermal Fillers for Men Procedure

Different Approach
to Men Fillers

Very few clinics offer treatments aimed at male clients. Many will treat both male and female clients with same procedures, using same active ingredients which is a commonmistake. Man's skin differ in many ways from woman's skin. Some of the differences include skin thickness, collagen density, texture, hydration and loss of collagen as we age. Men have higher collagen density and their skin appears to be more hydrated as well. It is also thicker, making it less likely to sag and develop fine lines. But when wrinkles start to appear on men's skin they are often deeper and more pronounced. And as they age loss of tissue is causing deep nasolabial folds, worry and frown lines and dropping of the eyelids. Man's skin thins gradually with age, whereas the thickness of a woman's skin remains constant until about the age of fifty. Then, after menopause woman's skin will thin significantly which will continue as she ages. At Cameo Clinic we recognise skin differences and account for these factors with specially adapted treatment techniques and materials in order to achieve best possible result.

What is

Crystalys is a calcium hydroxyapatite-based injectable dermal filler for men designed to restore facial volume and natural contours by promoting generation and deposition of natural collagen, the body’s physiological soft tissue filler. The beneficial effects of Crystalys are both immediate and long lasting. Clinical results are evident for up to 2 years, depending on the volume injected, patient skin properties and age.

Cameo Clinic Dermal Fillers for Man